Journeyman: $45.50/hr

*Foreman: $48.23/hr

**Working Dues: $3.72

** Note: Working dues will now by deducted at $3.72 per WORK hour with no adjustment for OVER TIME or DOUBLE TIME


Health and Welfare: $13.80

Retiree Welfare: $2.95

Pension: $13.54

Apprentice Fund: $1.25

Int’l Appr Fund: $0.10

Annuity Fund: $5.50

Chicagoland Const. Safety Council: $0.01

Total Package: $82.65

Download Plasterer Rate Sheet - 06/01/2021

Apprentice Wages

Apprentice Wages are as follows:
Based on the following percentages of the Journeyman wage.

First 6 Months:
50% – $22.75/hr

6 Months to 1 Year:
55% – $25.03/hr

1 Year to 1.5 Years:
60% – $27.30/hr

1.5 Year to 2 Years:
65% – $29.58/hr

2 Year to 2.5 Years:
70% – $31.85/hr

2.5 Year to 3 Years:
75% – $34.13/hr

3 Year to 3.5 Years:
80% – $36.40/hr

3.5 Year to 4 Years:
85% – $38.68/hr

Dues deduction for Apprentice Plasters shall be $3.10 per hour.

Download Journeyman Plasterer Report Form - 06/01/2021Download Apprentice Plasterer Report Form - 06/01/2021

We urge all employers to bring an Apprentice to the Union through your company and provide equal opportunity to qualified female applicants. You can also call the union for a list of applicants.

delinquent plasterers

Download delinquent contractors List

ISSi-Remit – Online Remittance Processing

ATTENTION: All active employers are now required to remit their monthly contributions online via ISSi-Remit, our online remittance processing system.  Effective with your August 2021 work month contribution (due September 15, 2021), if you still opt to submit paper remittance reports, a 5% administrative fee will be assessed monthly on your total contribution. If you have not yet been provided with ISSi-Remit login credentials please contact the Fund Office at (708)-544-9100 EXT. 234 or to obtain a Username & Password for access.

Visit the Issi-Remit Login Page

Information for Paper Check Remittance

Contractors can elect to submit payment for ISSi-Remit Reports via electronic ACH or by traditional paper check.

If you opt to submit your ISSi-Remit payment via paper check, payments should no longer be mailed to the lockbox address (P.O. Box 71650, Chicago, IL  60694-1650).  The lockbox will be closed as of December 31, 2021 and will be unable to accept payments.

*All paper check payments are to be mailed to:

Cement Masons’ Local 502 Fringe Benefit Funds
C/O Lawrence J. Picardi, Sr.
739 S. 25th Ave.
Bellwood, IL  60104

*All questions regarding Remittance Report submission and payment is to be directed to the Accounts Receivable Dept. at the contact information below:

Charles Picardi: – (708)-544-9100 EXT. 234
Angelo Feola: – (708)-544-9100 EXT. 218

Accounts Receivable Dept. Fax: (708)-544-9130