Cement Mason


Journeyman: $47.00/hr

*Foreman: $49.00/hr

* Note: In accordance with Section 7, Paragraph 3 of the current agreement.

** Note: ANNUITY AND FUND CONTRIBUTIONS – Regular Hours $1.50, Over Time $2.25 and Double Time $3.00 an hour.

Payroll Deductions

Savings Fund: $5.00

Working Dues: Working dues will now be deducted at $3.35 per WORK Hour $3.35 with no adjustment for OVER TIME and DOUBLE TIME.


Health and Welfare: $13.00

Retiree Welfare: $2.75

Pension: $18.23

Apprentice Fund: $1.00

Savings Admin: $0.03

Int’l Appr Fund: $0.11

**Annuity Fund: $1.50

Industry Advancement Fund: $0.06

Chicagoland Const. Safety Council: $0.01

Const. Industry Service Corp: $0.01

Labor Managment Cooperation Comm.: $0.10

Total Package: $83.80

Download Report Form

Report Forms will be mailed to all active contractors as has been in the past. If you have been inactive and require report forms, please call 708-544-9100 ext. 218.

Apprentice Wages

Apprentice Rates are as follows:

1st Year Apprentice:
70% of wage base- $32.90 /hr
Full Benefit Package – Deduct only Working Dues. No Savings Deduction.

2nd Year Apprentice:
80% of wage base- $37.60 /hr
Full Benefit Package – Deduct only Working Dues. No Savings Deduction.

3rd Year Apprentice:
90% of wage base- $42.30/hr
Full Benefit Package – Deduct  Working Dues and Savings.

We urge all employers to bring an Apprentice to the Union through your company and provide equal opportunity to qualified female applicants. You can also call the union for a list of applicants.

Delinquent Contractors

Delinquent contractorsDownload Report Form


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