Member Advantages


Working through a trade union will make you more money over the span of your lifetime, than others working in the same industry not connected to a union. The union is there to help negotiate better wages and make sure you are receiving the proper benefit packages to live a healthy lifestyle.  


Construction work is physically straining on the body. As a member of the union, you have money set aside in a pension plan for every hour that you work. There is no need to stress and rely solely on the backing from your social security to get you through retirement.


We all need medical insurance to take care of ourselves and our family members. Nowadays, it is hard to find a decent insurance plan that has great coverage without paying ridiculous deductibles and fees. That is why the union has it’s own group health insurance plans to provide and protect for you when you need it most.   


At Local 502, we understand that if we want the best for our employees we must strive to be the best. Our apprenticeship programs combine classroom instruction while giving you the opportunity to submerge yourself in the hands-on training needed to cover all of the industry tasks. We make sure we stay updated on all the latest techniques and equipment to give our students the best education possible.


As an important part of the construction industry, union plasterers and cement masons take pride in the work we do. Our fraternal organization works to ensure that every member gets the best possible compensation for their time. United, the value of our work truly shows.